Literature Class

Our Literature Courses offer a variety of informal literary-themed classes for anyone looking for a place to meet with fellow enthusiasts and discuss different texts.

Classes meet on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday mornings from 10.00am – 12.00pm and focus on a different topic each term. Groups are open to all over-18s and new participants are always welcome.

Monday class

10 September to 26 November
10 am – 12 pm
Tutor: Steve Dace
Please note no classes run during half-term, 15-28 October


Steve Dace's Monday classes this term will read and discuss two great British war poets, Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon.

Both served as army officers during World War I, experiencing first-hand the horrors of trench warfare at the front and, in the case of Owen, gas attacks. He was sent to Craiglockhart Hospital where the two men met. Sassoon came to believe that the war had to be stopped. In 1917, he wrote a letter of protest to his commander which was  read out in the House of Commons and printed in the Times.  The result was a political firestorm with immense personal, national and literary consequences.

As well as studying several of the finest poems ever written about war, the Monday class will also trace how the lives of these two remarkable men converged, resulting in one of the most important friendships in English Literature. 

Tuesday and Wednesday class

18 & 19 September to 3 & 4 December
10 am – 12 pm
Tutor: Susan Hamlyn
Please note no classes run during half-term, 15-28 October.


Susan Hamlyn's Tuesday and Wednesday classes will read Shakespeare's Richard III. Richard III is the most controversial king in British history and there is still debate about the man and his reign. Shakespeare's play - perhaps his earliest genuine masterpiece - is a powerful psychological study of a shameless Machiavellian villain - one of many in the plays of the time.

The class will read and discuss all aspects of the play - with no preconceptions! Participants should bring a copy of the play - ideally the Penguin Shakespeare edition (ed. EAJ Honigman). There are plenty of these on sale on Amazon. Please ask Susan if you want her to buy you a copy. The cost is likely to be about £3.00.

Course fees

Each course is £80 for members, £95 for non-members. Reading materials for each course are provided for a small additional fee.


Courses are open to all and new participants are most welcome.

Priority booking is available for current course members until 9 July, 2018. Booking for new and returning course participants opens 16 July 2018.

To book please contact Jane Mason: or 0208 567 0011.

Additional information

For more information about the courses please contact Susan Hamlyn:

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