Literature Club

We offer a variety of informal literary-themed courses for anyone looking for a place to meet with fellow enthusiasts and discuss different texts.

These meet on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday mornings from 10.00am – 12.00pm and focus on a different topic each term. Groups are open to all over-18s – new participants are most welcome. Autumn term fees: £85 per term (£70 for Questors members) Spring/Summer terms TBC.

For more information or to book a place contact Jane Mason: or 020 8567 0011.

Autumn 2016


He might have been "mad, bad, and dangerous to know" but was he any good as a poet?

In the autumn term, Steve Dace's Monday group will be studying the poetry of Lord Byron with a view to answering that question.

For all the time he spent drinking wine from human skulls, having sex in gondolas, and generally causing scandal, Byron was an extraordinarily prolific poet, and one of considerable range, from short romantic lyrics to long satirical narratives. This group will enable you to sample much of that range, and will delve more deeply into perhaps his greatest work, Don Juan.

It would help if everyone had The Selected Poems of Lord Byron: Including Don Juan and Other Poems, pub. Wordsworth Poetry Library. It contains the whole of Don Juan.


Hamlet. Shakespeare's - perhaps the world's - most famous play. The Tuesday and Wednesday groups will read and discuss this ever-intriguing, infinitely interpretable and fascinating drama. The questions it poses are timeless: why can Hamlet not take the revenge he so craves? does he lose his sanity? is Claudius an out-and-out villain? how can we understand the actions of Gertrude and Ophelia? what is the role of conscience in the play? and of guilt? The language of the play is similarly inexhaustible. Join us for a riveting term of  drama and debate. Please bring a modern copy of the play - ideally the Penguin Shakespeare edition.

The groups start the week beginning 19 September. We have a half-term break in the weeks starting 24 and 31 October. And the groups end the week of 12 December.

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