Active Dialogue

It is important to avoid ‘talking heads’ in your scenes (two characters standing still and talking to each other). The audience wants something interesting to look at as well as something interesting to listen to. One way to avoid this is to have your characters engaged in an activity whilst they talk. The activity will also form part of the dialogue.
Create a scene where character A has exciting news that they want to give to character B.
Choose an activity that the two are completing as the news is shared.
Choose which of the characters is leading the activity and which is helping.

Your scene will combine:

  • Dialogue associated with the task; instructions, warnings, mistakes, questions and answers, congratulations etc.
  • Dialogue associated with the news that is being shared.
When you have finished your scene, read through it and make edits and improvements. Try reading the scene out loud with another person to see how it sounds.
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