New Places

Choose a place and write a list of bullet points that describe it. The place can be real or imagined but you should try to use all five senses when describing the place.

For example:

Parliament Square during the heatwave

Using the list you have created, write a story about a character coming to this place for the first time. Use the characters movement through the space to share the information on your list with the audience.

For example:

She squeezed through the line of tourists as they spread across the pavement, trying to keep up with the chattering tour guide who was marching purposefully towards Emmeline Pankhurst, umbrella raised as though in salute. The breeze blew dust up off the parched grass and it stuck to the sun creamed legs of the sunbathers, grabbing a few moments of stale air in their lunch break, trying to read or relax as endless cars swept around the square, adding the blare of their horns to the roar that was London, that summer when the heat was endless.

  • A patch of grass, which is yellow and brown
  • Dust blowing around in the breeze
  • Smells of sun cream and pollution from the cars
  • Sound of tour groups
  • Statues of famous people including Emmeline Pankhurst
  • Beeping of cars
  • The air is hot and stale
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