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Fringe Double

04 Feb - 06 Feb 16 | In the Studio

Fringe Double

Fringe Double

Double bill of guest productions

A great double-bill of single-actor shows from fringe festivals.

From the Edinburgh Fringe comes A Work of Art, a dark comedy with Richard Carnaby; and from Lewisham Fringe Festival comes The Witch In The Woods, an atmospheric drama with Lexi Wolfe.

A Work of Art
It's a busy day at The Queen Elizabeth Royal Memorial Infirmary NHS Primary Care Trust (or QERMINHSPCT as it is affectionately known). A newly donated painting is to be unveiled by a cloistered critic. Then there's a great opportunity for some work-based learning at a lunchtime interactive team-building seminar. Time for some blue-sky thinking! And once all the visitors have left for the night, the car park proves an ideal rendezvous point.

Conceived and gestated over four years, these darkly whimsical creations will carry you through your emotional spectrum and leave you wanting therapy and possibly a stiff drink or two!

Suitable for ages 18+
Contains strong language and adult themes

The Witch in the Woods
On the fringes of a Dark Ages village lies a wolf-riddled wood, and the hideaway of local wise woman Maya. Bitter at her casting-out by the community since the Christianization of Britain, she ekes out her meager existence alone, while the tales about her grow and attitudes continue to sour. But even out in the woods there is no peace, and Maya's rage is close to boiling point.
£10 (£7 concs & Questors members)

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4-6 February at 7.45pm

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