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Here you can watch new and popular plays every week. We deliver a full season of professional-quality productions and provide a performance venue for touring theatre companies. Anyone can get involved; become a Questors member and take part in everything from acting and directing to lighting, front of house and stage design. We also deliver theatre training for all ages; find out about our Academy and Youth Theatre.

There are lots of reasons to discover The Questors:
  • You'll enjoy our theatre. We perform in our own high-quality theatre venue - with our 350-seat Judi Dench Playhouse & 90-seat Studio theatre.You'll enjoy our plays. Every year we stage a season of 15-20 plays, from modern dramas & comedies to classics of British & world theatre.
  • You'll enjoy our high quality. We're a member of the Society of Independent Theatres & one of the biggest drama groups in London. 
  • You'll enjoy our friendliness. Our front of house team are all Questors members. Our Grapevine bar features in the Good Beer Guide & is recognised by CAMRA.

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The Questors Present

Original Audio Dramas: Series 2

01 Dec - 30 Dec 22 | The Questors Theatre

Persons Unknown

The Questors Present

Original Audio Dramas: Series 2

Various Authors

Listen any time, anywhere

Can't make it to the theatre? Then you can still experience The Questors talent from your home. Our members have put their minds (and voices) together to create a series of stunning new audio dramas, led by BBC audio artist Samantha Boffin.

After a short break, we are returning on 12th January with the next episode of Series 2, Person's Unknown.

Series 1 of our audio dramas are still available to listen to on our YouTube and SoundCloud channels. Series 2 will be released monthly.

Episode 1: Nothing But Complete Oblivion by Ian Fulton

When Edward Elgar the great composer is dying in the company of his tetchy daughter, he is greeted by some very unexpected visitors. After many years, they are keen to hold him to account.

Love, music and disloyalty collide in this elegant, poignant new audio drama about how our failures come back to haunt us. Listen below...

Directed by Paul Collins
Assistant Directed by Rory Hobson
Sound Designed and Engineered by Gavin Jones

Mike Langridge - Edward Elgar
Karen Singer - Alice
Iain Reid - August Jaeger
Carol Fullilove - Carice

Episode 2: That Spot of Joy by Hilary Spiers

An audio play inspired by Robert Browning's poem My Last Duchess.

Zaccharia finds himself at the doors of Castello Estense, sent on a quest to match the Duke with his master's daughter, Margherita. With suspicions surrounding the death of the Dukes's previous wife, Zaccharia must decide whether to follow his love and loyalty to the young Margherita or the promise of future riches.

An impassioned and thought-provoking drama, exploring the power of wealth and the pursuit of love. Premiering on Thursday 1st July at 1pm.

Directed by Peter Gould
Sound designed by Martin Choules

David Erdos - The Duke
Paul Collins - Zaccharia
Jordan Fowler - Margherita
Robert Baker-Glenn - Efrayim & Major Domo.

Episode 3: Howling at the Moon by Julian Smith

Jo and Alistair have recently lost their mother. One night, the siblings interpret an eerie encounter very differently and before long, new details of their mother’s death mysteriously come to light...

A captivating, darkly comic audio play about love, death and the angels that watch over us.

Directed by Steve Fitzpatrick
Sound designed by Andrew Wadcoat

Robert Baker-Glenn - Alastair Robert
Wendy Megeney - Jo                            
Maggie Turner - Mum
Melanie Hill - Laura  

Episode 4: Midnight by B.H. Fraser

When Julie is awoken by a mysterious phone call from a man named John, stories of her past gradually come into focus. A cryptic, fast-paced new audio drama bordering on the surreal.

Directed by Rory Hobson
Assistant Directed by Jason Welch
The Sound Designer and Engineer was Gavin Jones

Monica Gilardi - Julie   
Niall O’Mara - John
William Connor - Gordon

Episode 5: The Intruder by Peter Gould

One tragic accident. Two families torn apart. When Gerry and Lisa are woken in the middle of the night, an intruder in their home isn't the only thing they must face.

Loss, anger and the desire for revenge and redemption collide in this intensely gripping audio drama. Listen below...

Directed by Lucy Aley-Parker
Assistant Directed by Victoria Smith
Sound Engineered by James Connor
Sound Designed by Gavin Jones

Dave - David Hovatter
Jerry - David Erdos
Lisa - Amanda Benzecry

Episode 6: Persons Unknown by Tom Mead

In a downtown Los Angeles police station, Vince coolly answers Detective Bauer’s questions. Bauer reveals one of Vince’s therapy patients has been found murdered and Vince vividly recalls the mysterious and charismatic Angela.

Tom Mead’s new short audio play fully immerses us in the atmosphere of LA as the true nature of the triangle emerges. Released on Wednesday 12th January.

Directed by Russel Fleet
Assist directed by Samantha Boffin
Sound Designed by James Connor

Victoria Smith - Angela Mike
Hadjipateras - Vince
Phillip Sheahan - Detective Bower

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