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Fuller's London Pride
4.1% and £3.00 a pint
London Pride is a smooth and astonishingly complex beer, which has a distinctive malty base complemented by a rich balance of well developed hop flavours from the Target, Challenger and Northdown varieties in the brew.

Gales Seafarers
3.6% and £2.40 a pint
Seafarers is brewed with a blend of finest-quality English malt, famous Gales yeast and the aptly named Admiral hop. Faintly fruity on the nose, this light amber beer sails a steady course through well-developed malt character towards a satisfying, hoppy finish. The Gales yeast brings out soft fruit flavours, while the hops impart a zesty, spicy quality to the brew. Seafarers is our current long-term session beer, so should be around until the New Year.

Mallinsons Bramling Cross
3.7% and £2.40 a pint
One of Mallinsons' range of single hopped beers, this one brewed using only Bramling Cross hops from the UK. It's a golden colour with a light blackcurrant fruit nose from the use of the Bramling Cross. It has a bitter, fruity, light blackcurrant taste and a fruity tart finish. Mallinsons is a micro-brewery based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire that specialises in producing single hopped beers.

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