Questors web searches

Stop Googling!

Start easysearching instead... and raise funds for The Questors.

Fundraising doesn’t get much easier than this!

Whenever you search the internet, use instead of Google or Yahoo!, and you’ll be raising approximately 1p for every search.

It’s that simple! Just search as you normally do, and the pennies mount up for us. The service is provided by Yahoo!, Bing and Ask, so you get high quality results. Just click on the link above right now to try it. (That'll be your first penny raised!)

When you've discovered how simple it is, you can use it every time you search, by bookmarking our easysearch page, setting it as your home page, or even as your regular search engine if you’re using recent versions of Internet Explorer or Firefox. Just click on the easysearch home page for details.

You could use it at work and at home - and even recommend it to your family, friends and work colleagues.

Those pennies really do mount up for us each week, so please help support our theatre by using this really simple easysearch link.

(Note: If you're a member of another voluntary organisation who would also like to use this scheme, please email and we'll send you a referral link.)

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