Two new exciting Platform Courses 2020

Stanislavski: 18 and 25 January, 1 and 8 February
Audio Drama: 29 February, 7, 14 and 21 March

See below for more details of these courses.

Each course runs over 4 weeks on Saturday evenings  

Time: 20:00 to 22:00.
Fees: £40  (Questors members) £60  (non-members) for each course
Location: The Questors Theatre, Shaw Room

Konstantin Stanislavski: A practical exploration of his Acting Technique!

18 and 25 January, 1 and 8 Feb

Let’s explore in a practical, fun and creative way Stanislavski's Acting Technique, looking at the major principles and techniques of his ‘System’.
Are you familiar with Stanislavski’s ‘System’? If you are not, then join this course to discover all about it and get to know his set of acting techniques! If you are, then join us to further explore his ‘Method’ and use it in performance!

Course overview

Session 1: Exploring his 4 pillars and his Magic ‘If’
Within a fun and friendly atmosphere we will practically explore and become familiar with Stanislavski’s 4 pillars and his key ideas – we will also look in more detail the use of the Magic ‘If’.

Session 2: Exploring his Given Circumstances and use of the 5W’s
We will practically look at how the effective use of the 5W’s and Given Circumstances enable us to build believable characters.

Session 3: Finding out our character’s objectives and obstacles
Through a variety of drama exercises and improvisations we will explore how to find out our character’s objectives and obstacles and how these will help us better understand our characters and portray their traits more realistically.

Session 4: Exploring his Emotional Memory
We will practically explore how to access and use our Emotional Memory in order to relate and empathize with our character’s feelings.

Throughout the course we will use a variety of Drama games, exercises and activities as well as improvisation and text all resulting within in class Performances.

Tutor: Kelly Manteli
Kelly was born in Athens, Greece.  She is a professionally trained and fully qualified (MA, BA (Hons), PGCE) Drama Teacher / Practitioner with experience of preparing and delivering drama workshops and acting lessons to students of all ages within various Educational and Theatrical Establishments. Kelly has worked as a professional actress, performing within classical and contemporary forms of theatre. In addition, she has experience in directing various plays and showcases for the stage and has run several successful Platforms for the Questors.

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29 Feb, 7, 14 and 21 March

A fun, practical Platform course looking at acting and performing for radio drama, audiobooks and video games. Over 4 weeks, we cover an introduction to the genre, the voice, creating believable characters, scripts and scene work. There will be an opportunity to record a small scene or extract on-mic as well as an informal live performance at the end for friends and family.

This is a fun, hands-on course that explores the genre of voice acting for all those members who have ever heard a voiceover and thought “I can do that”. Well now you can!

Week 1
The Prologue
What is audio drama.
What voice actors really do. Myths and misconceptions. The impact of the voice.
Warm ups, posture and breath.

Week 2
Getting into Character
Warm ups, posture and breath (it never ends). Creating believable characters.
Approaching scripts. Choosing scripts and scenes.

Week 3
Step Up to the Mic
Warm up
Introduction to microphone techniques. Character, scripts and scene work.
Recording on-mic.

Week 4
The  Epilogue Warm up Review.
Live radio performance for family and friends.

Tutor: Samantha Boffin
Sam is a full-time, professionally trained Voice Artist and Actor who works right across the spectrum of the voiceover industry from audiobooks, drama and film-dubbing to commercials, corporates and e-learning. She’s experienced at devising and leading workshops for voice work and audio drama at local schools and colleges. Before becoming a full-time voice, she worked at the BBC as a Creative Director, Producer and Voiceover. Sam is an Acting Member at Questors.

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