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"The Questors Student Group is probably the best thing that could have happened to me as someone always wanted to be an actor but didn't know where to start. Since I graduated, I've been on TV, appeared in movies and co-wrote my own play which was performed at the Questors. All that would never have happened without the Student Group. I owe it everything."

~ Wesley Lloyd, Group 62

"The Questors Academy really grounded me as an actor where I found my stage craft in a pragmatic sense to perform in different styles of plays. Since then I have gone on to train at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting and The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in NYC and now I’m working as a professional actor in London’s West End."

~ Roberto Cohen, Group 69

"My time at the Questors was invaluable to me. Not only is the theatre itself so welcoming and creative, but the Student Group in particular was a fundamental step on my path to drama school. I am now a professional actor and always remember my time on Mattock Lane with such love and happiness."

~ Jasmin Hinds, Group 66

"Questors was absolutely fundamental to my acceptance into drama school. The integrated training program with individualistic feedback and professional level of production standards was just what I needed before entering the profession. The communal respect and love for theatre is unlike anywhere else."

~ Wayne Wilson, Group 68

"The two years I spent at the Questors Student group were perhaps the best of my life! I learnt so much; the voice, movement and acting classes were always challenging but rewarding. It inspired me to go on to the Oxford School of Drama and later to work as a professional actress on the West End stage. Aside from the career it led me to, mostly it was somewhere I felt I belonged and where I created wonderful memories with friends I made for life.."

~ Eleanor Cox, Group 64

''I absolutely love the Questors! From the moment I stepped into the audition room, I knew I had found my creative home. The quality of the acting classes alongside body movement and voice work - exceeded my expectations as I was constantly encouraged to explore and push my boundaries. With the guidance of my teacher, David Emmet, I was able to tap into a level of creativity I never knew existed and reach new heights in my craft. I have become more confident, adaptable, and innovative in my approach, which helped in all areas of my life. It's been hell of a ride! Plus, being a member means you get to experience all aspects of theatre life - from acting and directing to lighting, front of house, and stage design. So if you're passionate about performing arts and you’re ready for a transformative experience, the Questors Academy is the perfect place for you.’

~ Alexandrina Bivol, Group 73

"The Questors Student group was outstanding. What you learn will helps you take risks, pushing yourself way past your limitations and comfort zone. This environment is safe for you to make mistakes and grow within yourself and your craft. The fun vibrant talented fellow actors you'll meet will be your friends for life! It will prep you for Drama School or reignite your passion and confidence to prepare you for the professional world! I loved every minute of it!"

~ Sherralyn Croft, Group 63

"Questors offers a uniquely dedicated and accessible drama training, as well as a warm community of wonderful people. I feel grateful to this day that I was able to join the course and engage with such professional tutors and teaching practices, which allowed me to quickly build my confidence and experience, so that I was able to apply to the best drama schools and get a place at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. I continue to work as an actor and just returned from Kenya where I played a leading role in a feature film. I'm also now a filmmaker and this year had my first paid commission as a writer/director. I'm indebted to Questors for giving such a strong start to my career."

~ Tom Lincoln, Group 63

'If you want to apply for drama school, to push the boundaries of "amateur" acting, or to refresh your acting skills after a long hiatus, look no further than Questors student group. When I joined I wanted to take my hobby further. I never would have predicted the skills, camaraderie and inspiration I found there. Ultimately, because of Questors, I found the confidence to quit my job and take a Masters in Acting. Now I am looking for agents and applying for professional acting work. None of this would have been possible without the dedicated teaching, the facilities and friendships I made at Questors. It is and always will be very dear to my heart."

~ Emma Graveling, Group 75

“What an incredible experience. Not only did we get stuck into the nitty gritty world of Stanislavski from week one, we practiced what we preached and put on weekly performances (either as exercises internally or, later on, more public performances). The nuancing of the course means you start from the basic building blocks of acting until you fully flourish on stage in two full performances in the second year. Hence, definitely do both years! You learn so much and make so many friends. I went to Drama School afterwards and still use the notes I was given at Questors! What a beautiful place to learn the beautiful game (of acting, that is!)”

~ Zac Karaman, Group 70

"The excellent and expansive two-year course that Questors provides brought me along greatly, both as an actor and as an individual. It is ideal for anyone wishing to enhance their skills and better their chances for survival in this difficult profession."

~ Matthew Saldanha, Group 72

"I could not recommend the course at Questors enough. I nearly cancelled the audition because I had had very little experience acting and was incredibly shy and insecure. But the warmth, professionalism and camaraderie of Questors worked its magic. The care and skill of the teachers nurtures even the most doubting soul and the trust and connection between the students is magic. You pick up skills for life in this haven, so do apply - it will be the making of you."

~ Ruth Comerford, Group 72

“Acting at Questors has given me freedom I forgot I have. Exploring myself through different characters and learning some pretty awesome lines from Stoppard's plays has given me an extraordinary sense of achievement and accomplishment. I have fallen in love with my acting family.”

~  Ania Choroszcynska, Group 75

“I've been involved at the Questors since I was 7 and have been in many a production here. My most notable have been 'On the Razzle', 'Around the World in 80 Days' and the recent 'Good Times Together with the Everly Brothers' musical try-out. I feel very at home here. But the past two years on the course have changed me as a performer."

~  Jacob Chancellor, Group 75
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